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Nicola Griffith’s SO LUCKY is incandescent genius

Image description: Book cover in matte black with the title “So Lucky,” and the author’s name “Nicola Griffith,” in big uppercase type rendered as burning paper. In smaller, brighter letters between title and author is, “A novel,” and, below the writer’s name, “Author of Hild”

It’s highly appropriate that Nicola Griffith’s latest book So Lucky should be the first book shouted about here. Nicola came onto the SF scene like a juggernaut in 1993 with the revolutationary, very queer Ammonite (sure to be shouted about soon!). In the past 25+ years, she’s published many superb books and stories, hit many activist bullseyes in #criplit, queer, and feminist issues, earned a PhD, and has long been one of the most well respected writers in the genre. She’s scary-smart and just simply an amazing person.

Since So Lucky was published in May 2018, I’ve read it three times. It’s fair to say I haven’t stopped thinking about the book. It’s intensely personal, with some autobiographical elements — but let’s not pretend it’s autobiographical. It’s not.

So Lucky is about Mara, a lesbian from Atlanta whose first symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis reveal themselves the day her partner leaves her.

It’s an incandescently angry book, not one bit sentimental, and as powerful and serious as a black hole. If I had my way it would win every single award from the Lambda to the Pulitzer. I want Nicola to be canonized for this book. I want her made Pope.

But I haven’t explained why I love and respect this book so much. And this is the problem with shouting about things you love. The language of praise is elusive. Not liking something is easy to talk about but it’s so difficult to say why you love something. You just do.

So let’s get specific. Three things. I could do thirty but let’s keep this reasonable:

Nicola Griffith writes lesbians like nobody else

I’m a lesbian (yay, lesbians!). The way Nicola Griffith writes lesbians always seems completely authentic and transparent. Probably I feel this connection because Nicola and I are about the same age. But mostly, I think it’s because she’s unsentimental. Nicola Griffith commits no bullshit. Nothing is glossed over or romanticized. Her lesbians are just flawed, adult humans like everyone else, but with that ineffable something (what is it? I don’t know!) that makes them live in my imagination as real people.

I can taste Mara’s anger and intensity

One of my other favorite Nicola Griffith books is Stay, number two in her series of lesbian hardboiled mysteries. Like Stay, So Lucky is a short gut punch of a book, knocking the main character over and dragging her down a path of coals. I love that. I love the unapologetic intensity. She’s daring us to stay with her character in this unlovable state, on a journey so painful I can feel it in my own bones. If reading teaches us empathy, Nicola Griffith is giving us a master class.

Nicola Griffith is one of the finest writers on the planet

Damn, she’s good. Damn, she’s good. Damn, she’s good.

Read So Lucky. Just read it now.

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