We’re open to receiving review copies from publishers and authors. The books we accept for review must be both science fiction/fantasy/horror and have significant queer content – such as an identifiably queer protagonist.

We define queer inclusively (and absolutely include asexual characters, bisexual characters in m/f relationships, trans and/or non-binary characters, and characters with culturally specific genders, among many others) but if you’re unsure if a book ‘counts’ leave us a note in the ‘Anything else you’d like to tell us’ section of the form and we’ll get back to you.

To offer us review copies, please complete our contact form. We’ll then circulate details around our bloggers and let you know if anyone is interested in receiving a copy for review.

We’re all about shouting about the queer SFF we love, so if you send us a copy and the reviewer isn’t feeling the love (which may just be about personal taste) then we probably won’t review it. That doesn’t mean that reviews will be entirely positive – we may review a book we mostly love but point out a few flaws too. And just because we don’t review a book doesn’t mean we didn’t like it – we may simply have run out of time.

We accept books in both electronic and hardcopy formats, but some of us have preferences so if you’re able to offer either that increases your chance of us accepting it for review. We’re also located in multiple countries, so if you restrict your offer to certain regions we are also less likely to be able to review it.

Thank you for thinking of us! We’d love to hear about your new and upcoming titles.